Giovanni Buttarelli Memorial Award 


Euroconsumers is happy to announce the Giovanni Buttarelli Memorial Award 

The Giovanni Buttarelli Memorial Award, in remembrance of the former European Data Protection Supervisor who died in August 2019, will be presented in recognition of the best essay by a young writer on a subject related to data privacy in Europe. The Award has been created to honour Giovanni Buttarelli’s visionary contribution to privacy in Europe and worldwide by recognising emerging original thinking on data privacy. 

The essay should contribute to the debate on the European digital ecosystem involving consumers, consumer organisations, policymakers and industry groups.

The writer of the winning essay will receive a €1 000 prize and feature in a profile on the Euroconsumers website and in its member organisations’ monthly magazines.


“I very much recognise the profile of big data as being the new currency of the Internet. Here we have something extremely valuable because, when you have access not only to one person’s data but to millions and billions of data, then you can make [an] analysis which is completely different from what you were able to do five or ten years ago, because you have new tools.” - Margrethe Vestager; European Parliament Confirmation Hearing 

 Drawing on the quote above, and on the recent developments in legislation regarding data protection (e.g. GDPR); what is the ideal relationship between consumers and their personal data? What is the role of other stakeholders (consumers organisation, industry groups, and the public sector) in securing a more equitable status quo  with regard to data protection?

The essay submissions should be in English and have a maximum length of 3,000 words, including bibliography, footnotes and the candidate's biography. Participants may be of any nationality, aged between 18 and 35. The submissions will be judged on originality, consistency and relevance to European consumers by a panel of senior consumer representatives and data privacy experts, including academics, communication experts, policymakers and a member of the Buttarelli family. 

The writer of the winning essay will receive a EUR 1.000,00 prize and will feature on the Euroconsumers website and in its member organisations’ monthly magazines. 

The winner will be announced in Autumn 2020 in Brussels, Belgium*.

About Giovanni Buttarelli

Giovanni Buttarelli was appointed European Data Protection Supervisor in 2014 and worked tirelessly in this key role, supervising the implementation of EU privacy rules. His achievements included overseeing the transition to a comprehensive new EU data protection framework — the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in May last year — a piece of legislation that has shone a global spotlight on the EU’s approach to privacy and is being increasingly emulated around the world. 

Requirements for submission 

  • Being 18 – 35 years old


  • Applications must be submitted by email to info@euroconsumers.org  with the following subject: Buttarelli Award: SURNAME + NAME

  • Applications must be submitted in English

  • Applications must contain a short biography of the candidate 

  • Applications must include the candidate's essay

  • The candidates essay and biography must not be longer than 3,000 words (including bibliography and footnotes)

  • Completed and signed Form (Annex 1)

  • All the documents need to be submitted in PDF format. 

  • The deadline for submissions is 30 September 2020 at 23:59 CET. Late submissions will not be considered.


The Organiser reserves the right to declare null and void any application that is improper, incomplete, illegible or contains false personal details. 

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and shall result in exclusion from the competition if detected. Any text or image that is reproduced, even imperfectly, without the appropriate reference to the original, shall be considered as an act of plagiarism.

The competition shall reward an original academic essay, on data protection, helping to improve current understanding of a new or emerging question, to stimulate debate in the expert community or possibly to devise new policies. 

The personal data of the candidates are collected by the Organiser for the purpose of processing their participation in the competition.  Personal data processed in the context of the applications submitted by email are subject to Euroconsumers data privacy policy. 

Data shall be kept for 12 months. Candidates shall have a right of access, rectification and deletion for all data concerning them. These rights can be exercised by submitting a request electronically to info@euroconsumers.org.

Prize-winners accept that their names, first names and photos will be used and disseminated by the Organiser when publicising and promoting the Buttarelli Award. Any other personal data included on the form shall not be disclosed to the public.

Giovanni Buttarelli Memorial Award: Annex 1

Giovanni Buttarelli Memorial Award: Annex 2

*The Organiser reserves the right to change the time and location of the event.