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Who we are

Euroconsumers Invest (EC Invest or ECi) is a new Business to Business approach with a Business to Consumer DNA.

​We work with all entities and organizations that want to contribute to a more sustainable Financial market and empower all citizens.

EC Invest works with all stakeholders in the Financial Market by enhancing the Financial Literacy of all investment products available to businesses and consumers in Europe, Latin America and the Rest of the World.

EC Invest promotes collaboration, through agreements and partnerships, with companies (Financial and Non- -Financial Companies), the Government and other organizations (associations, foundations and private corporations) to create more sustainable products and markets.

Euroconsumers Invest is part of Euroconsumers Organization composed of five national consumer institutions with more than 1,5 million members.

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Our Mission

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To provide expert and independent financial advice and services to companies (Financial and Non-Financial Companies), and investors in order to improve all financial products available in the markets.

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To bridge the gap between investors and Financial Literacy.

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To empower the citizens for better management of their assets.

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To contribute to a more sustainable economy.

How are we going to accomplish it?

From companies to consumers we make partnerships with organisations (Government and non-government) willing to contribute for a more sustainable Financial Market.

From our deep understanding of financial products, we provide our partners with proper tools to face the challenges of the markets through independent product analysis, consultancy and training by  experts from different countries.

Team Network

Euroconsumers Invest is the Finance Division of Euroconsumers: a consumer group working to promote consumer information, defence of their rights and personalized services in 5 countries: Belgium (Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats), Italy (Altroconsumo), Portugal (DECOProteste), Spain (OCU-Organization of Consumers and Users), Brazil (Proteste):

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Test Achats invest provides recommendations from financial experts with total independence and available online, two magazines and a dedicated telephone line to allow you to invest more serenely.

TAi is Part of Test-Achats/Test-Aankoop which was established in 1957 by a handful of volunteers on the model of UK and US comparative testing-based consumer organizations.

Test-Achats/Test-Aankoop has a long experience of offering legal assistance to its members.

Proteste Investe logo

Independent financial consultants that guarantee you advice for the best investments. Make the most of your savings with our stock, fund and deposit comparators and savings and treasury certificate calculators. PI is part of Deco Proteste. Deco Proteste is the publisher of DECO, which is the largest consumer association in Portugal (is born at 12.02.1974). Its main activities are consumer information, alternative dispute resolution; consumer education in schools; professional training in consumer law; consumer representation and advocacy and lobbying.

Tree family office logo

Tree Family Office is the commercial brand of the Portuguese investment consultancy firm “PROTESTE INVESTE - Consultores para Investimento”, which is fully owned by Portugal's DECO PROTESTE from Euroconsumers group.

The company is registered on the number CMVM373.

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Altroconsumo Finanza provides information and analysis on current issues, pensions, deposits and the most straightforward alternatives for your savings. And so that you can invest with more serenity. You can compare all the products, and we will monitor for you the ones that best suit your needs, plus a dedicated telephone line where our experts will answer your questions. It is part of Altroconsumo, established in 1973, which is the largest independent and non-party political consumer organization in Italy.

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Global investment strategies. Ocu Inversiones propose six global strategies for investors to create their portfolios according to the investment objective and risk. It’s part of OCU, established in 1975, it is the oldest consumer organization in Spain.

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Proteste Brasil provides investment product analysis and agreements to offer solutions to Brazilian investors through a partnership with the investment platform Órama: www.orama.com.br/proteste. The Brazilian Association of Consumer Defense currently has more than 200.000 members and is the largest association of consumers across Latin America.

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Partner for Consumers, Associations and Companies to improve Financial Solutions and Markets.

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