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You’ve heard about collective purchases, energy auctions, class actions and the reduced prices and market changes that can come from it? You think it’s interesting but don’t know where to start? We can assist you through the entire process: analysis, design & development and support. After all, that is what we do best.



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We have been empowering the consumers and challenging the market for years. We clearly understand the methods of stimulating the market competition and the process of setting up high-conversion rates auctions. Let us ease the challenges of a complex process and together we can build the perfect solution.

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Consolidated experience

5 years of market experience gives us the capability to support you in your greatest challenges.

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Fully customized

We design and materialize interfaces aligned with your consumers journey and specially with their needs.



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Mobility Portal

Deco Proteste's ambition was to become a reference in Portugal in the theme "Mobility". In this way, it asked us to create a portal that would be an asset and where consumers would find relevance to their mobility issues. For this reason, a mobility hub was created to centralize news, actions and events, a community and the collective purchases it organizes in this area, making it more accessible and consistent for the visitor.

project image project image project image project image project image

Main Request

Create an engaged community.


Branding & Design

We developed a portal that, from registration to navigation, has an attractive design enhancing the user experience and improving the consumer journey. A portal that centralizes all mobility relevant content using strong visual communication

Technical Highlights:

  • Multi-Offer Integrated system
  • Optimized User Experience
  • Strong Visual Communication

Choisir Ensemble

UFC planned to launch an auction energy campaign “ Choisir Ensemble” with the goal of giving Consumers advantageous rates for the energy market (gas, electricity and renewable energy). The providers auction winning results gave the opportunity to the Consumer to switch to the best rates.

project image project image project image project image project image

Main Request

Engage at least 200K consumers and ensure at least 50% on switch rate.


Full Custom Campaign

We provided an high customization level campaign. With the implementation of the real time notifications, we promoted a solid execution flow during the auction. And in addition, the fully integrated switch process with winning providers made it faster and beneficial for the Consumer.

Technical Highlights:

  • Login system
  • Auction development, monitoring and follow-up
  • Savings calculation
  • Optimized Offer flow and presentation
  • Email communication
  • Fully Integrated Switch system with third parties


"SCONTATO“ an Altroconsumo’s campaign that provided discounts in different product categories like food, health and beauty, apparel, pharmacy, transports, books, TV channels, auto maintenance, etc.

project image project image project image

Main Request

Build a BackOffice to facilitate offers creation or update, enabling the business to be completely autonomous in this process.


SEED, our back office tool.

A Backoffice tool was created to allow the customer to manage the website discounts. This functionality was integrated into SEED, our tool for managing subscriptions, communications, calendar and performance of the actions we develop.

Technical Highlights

  • Search an offer by name and/or parameters
  • Add, edit or delete offers
  • Preview the offer before go live (Offers list and Offers detail)
  • Synch changes in existing offers or/and create new offers

Mis datos son míos, Mr. Facebook

An OCU campaign where a legal action was proposed against Facebook, in defense of the rights and interests of all users of the social network, whose data Facebook company have played without their knowledge and without their consent.

project image

Main Request

A time-to-market response to an action against Facebook, making consumers aware of Facebook privacy (Cambridge Analytica scandal).


Project management agility.

We developed this Consumer informative campaign in a timely manner.

Technical Highlights:

  • Easy Registration
  • Clear Visual Communication
  • Follow-up email strategy


ZPS had a pellet stove collective purchase campaign request, that aimed to inform the Slovenian consumers about renewable energies. The goal was to give the Consumers the opportunity to save money, meanwhile saving energy.

project image project image project image

Main Request

Create awareness for renewable energies and to have a good conversion rate in a new market.


Single Point of Contact

Our fully dedicated Single Point of Contact, worked closely with ZPS to help develop a brand and design campaign in line with the Clear project, in order to bring awareness to the Slovenian consumers about renewable energies. Our SPOC was also crucial in defining, testing, implementing and monitoring the campaign according to the client requirements.

Technical Highlights

  • Easy registration
  • Improved User Experience
  • Simplicity of the consumption data collection

Action Vins 2019

"A wine collective purchase promoted by Test-Achat/Test-Aankoop where the consumer could buy wine with a discount, in a pack of 6 bottles of wine.

project image project image

Main Request

Develop an attractive landing page to sell wine with a discount and to be used in an international fair. This campaign needed to be developed in two languages: FR and NL.


Design & Partner Integration

We combined an attractive design with the simplicity of the registration and purchase. We made sure the consumer was directed without losing context to the supplier partner's website.

Technical Highlights:

  • Easy Registration
  • Strong and clean visual communication
  • Simple and conversion oriented flow
  • Multi-language
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