1. Indentity of the HINTDEAL service provider and site owner

1.1 - DECO PROTESTE EDITORES, LDA, trading company by quotas, registered with the Commercial Registry of Lisbon with NIPC and NIF 502 611 522, with a share capital of € 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand euros) and head office at Av.ª Eng. Arantes e Oliveira, n.º13 - 1ºB in Lisbon is the entity responsible for the commercialization of the service commercialized under the designation "HINTDEAL" and also the entity that owns and is responsible for the website www.hintdeal.pt.

1.2 - For any question regarding the HINTDEAL service, we have at your disposal the information service, by email info@hintdeal.pt or at www.hintdeal.pt

1.3 - Our contacts are:

DECO PROTESTE, Editores, Lda.
Av. Eng. Arantes e Oliveira, n.º 13,
1900-221 LISBOA

2. Characteristics of the "HINTDEAL"

2.1. Framework

DECO PROTESTE is owned in part by one of the largest consumer associations in Portugal, the Portuguese Consumer Protection Association (DECO) and one of the largest international groups dedicated to consumer protection, EUROCONSUMERS, S.A

It was created with the aim of reaching as many consumers as possible about their rights and about the initiatives organized precisely to achieve various improvements at that level.

Initiatives such as "Auctions", "Collective Actions and / or Purchases", among others, organized by DECO PROTESTE have benefited consumers. They are intended to improve market conditions and obtain the best value for money in the purchase of goods and services. Ensure consumers access to information and services that enhance their rights in terms of choice and quality of products and services available on the market.

For the organization of these initiatives a structure is needed - human and technology, namely - computing technologies. That until then was subcontracted to third parties. DECO PROTESTE currently has the conditions to internally carry out these functions and may even provide this service to other entities related to consumer protection that also wish to use this type of initiatives.

This is how the service of "HINTDEAL" was born.

2.2 The Service

The "HINTDEAL" service is intended for entities that act within the scope of the purpose of defending the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and intend to use this service in the accomplishment of this.

It consists in providing a service platform, supported by a team that allows in general terms:

  1. To entities related to consumer protection, the promotion of collective purchase of goods and/or services;
  2. For the entities that sell goods and or services and their presentation of commercial proposals;
  3. On the part of consumers, the manifestation of intention to acquire the good or service and, in some situations, the possibility of establishing direct contact with the service provider or seller who present the most interesting proposal.
2.3. Information about the conditions of service

The detailed conditions of the service will vary according to the project that the consumer protection organization intends to contract and will be described in the contract that must be signed between DECO PROTESTE and that entity.

The information about the price and other conditions of the service will be made available by DECO PROTESTE in response to the request for consultation made on the contact form available at www.hintdeal.pt as each project will involve different efforts that should be treated in an individualized way.

By completing the form at www.hintdeal.pt you will be making available the contact information you have entered to receive the information requested. If you enter personal data please read and review our Privacy Policy in advance.

3. The "HINTDEAL" website

The electronic site www.hintdeal.pt is intended exclusively for the promotion of this service provided by DECO PROTESTE.

On the site it will not be possible to conclude any contract.

4. Cost of request for information

The request for information about the service does not involve any costs for the requesting entity.

5. Conflict resolution mechanisms

5.1 – For any complaints about our service, you may submit your complaint to the department of Consumers Insights and Business Development of DECO PROTESTE, Att of Miguel Cristóvão, to the email: miguel.cristovao@deco.proteste.pt

5.2 - Since the HINTDEAL service is not intended for final consumers, any dispute arising out of the use of this service can not be treated as a consumer dispute and, to that extent, can not be dealt with in Consumer Conflict Arbitration Centres.

However, it may be dealt within the Peace Courts if it falls within the limits of its powers.

6. Privacy policy

The website www.hintdeal.pt is intended for legal persons and to this extent it is not intended to collect personal data.

However, if you wish to leave your contact as representative of the entity that wishes to request information about the service, you should read our policy of personal data processing at www.hintdeal.pt