Call for papers – My Data is Mine Award

My Data is Mine Award – second edition

Euroconsumers is delighted to announce the second edition of its My Data is Mine Award. My data is Mine Award aims at supporting young scholars who can offer a visionary contribution to data privacy in Europe and worldwide. 

Last year’s essay competition was won by Laura Somaini, whose essay contributed to the debate on the European digital ecosystem and focused on consumers, consumer organisations, policymakers and industry groups.

The winner of this second edition of My Data is Mine Award will be announced at the 2021 Web Summit.

What is the Web Summit?

“The best technology conference on the planet” – Forbes 
“The giants of the web assemble” – Wall Street Journal
“It defines the ecosystem” – The Guardian

The Web Summit is an annual event which gathers a series of technology conferences since 2009. It is often described as the largest tech event in the world. CEOs, members of the Fortune 500 as well as founders of start-ups from all over the world count among its participants.

What should your paper deal with?

This call for papers aims at exploring the best opportunities, from a regulatory and technological point of view, to build a digital environment that maximizes benefits for consumers in terms of safeguarding and enhancing individual privacy while still allowing society to unlock the immense benefits that can be obtained from the increased use and study of data.

What will be the role of emerging technologies in this area? What can we expect from legislation and from the market? Will the best answers come from the legal code or the source code of the software that manages our online life?

Euroconsumers will welcome papers on any topic related to practical, privacy-preserving approaches in the algorithmic society, including (but not limited to): 

  • how regulation and public policy can provide the right incentives for the adoption of privacy enhancing technologies (e.g.: ePrivacy Regulation, DSA/DMA)
  • how to preserve the benefits of personalized advertising without making it invasive: best practices and possible alternative approaches
  • the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in consumer decisions: risks and opportunities
  • Algorithmic systems as the cornerstone of platforms’ content moderation, data analysis and ranking systems 
  • How regulation could help in managing A.I. risks? 
  • Privacy preserving analytics and machine learning


What’s in it for the winner?

The winner will be awarded with a prize of 1,000 euros and will have the chance to present their paper during the ceremony which will be held in Lisbon during the 2021 Web Summit. Travel and accommodation costs will be offered by Euroconsumers.

Participation requirements

  • Your paper should count from 5000 to 7000 words;
  • You must be a young scholar;
  • You must be less than 35 years old.

DEADLINE: October 11, 2021

Papers should be sent to (subject: 2021 My Data is Mine Award)