Press Contact

For all press-related inquiries, please contact Jekatyerina Maszlova at TEL: +32 489 56 09 29

Our spokerspersons

For Consumers Organisations like ours it is always important to keep our finger on the pulse of consumer news and shaping change. Get in touch with our press contacts for timely updates, press releases, and access to key information and developments from our organisation. We are happy to assist you with all your media needs.

Marco Pierani

Public Affairs & Media Relation Director

Marco is a communication and policy expert, a passionate user of the Internet and, above all, he believes in innovation as a lever of social, economic and democratic development.

Els Bruggeman

Head Advocacy and Enforcement

Els is a policy, enforcement and communication expert, a passionate defender of more Europe and a strong believer consumers have the power to shape our economy and society.

Jekatyerina Maszlova

Advocacy and Enforcement Officer

An advocacy and enforcement officer with a strong passion for communication, driven by a commitment to promoting causes and advocating for important issues, serves as a main catalyst for positive change.