Empower people,
Improve the market

Consumers are a vital part of society and the economy.

Today’s globalized, digitalised markets have opened up innovation and opportunities - but they are under serious pressure. Prices and supply chains are vulnerable to sudden shocks, our climate and natural systems need fixing fast, and unfair business practices persist on and offline. As a consumer organization, our role is to continuously evolve to meet these opportunities and challenges in a fast-changing and complex world.

We will do this through empowering people and improving the market.

We believe we can improve the market by harnessing the collective force of people, by collaborating and entering into dialogue with companies to do better and win consumer trust. Doing both these things simultaneously, we’ll have a bigger, broader impact on society.

1. We want companies and policy makers to do more to meet the full range of consumer expectations and the urgent needs of the planet.

2. We want consumers to be able to actively shape markets by rewarding companies that deliver long term value, sustainability and trust.

Empowered consumers will be decisive in changing how we produce, buy and use the products and services that will drive sustainability and net zero. With the right conditions in place, empowered consumers will be able to push the digital world towards innovation that truly matches their goals.

✔️Euroconsumers will meet the scale of the challenges by breaking out of familiar confines and reaching outwards to form new alliances and partnerships.

✔️We will connect the dots between people and the market, a partner to both to find solutions for all.

✔️When we connect all sides we can achieve a bigger payoff for everyone: we can give voice to the people, and we can help the market help the people.