Positioning and Advocacy

First we analyse,then
we empower & protect, in the end we drive market improvements

Consumers know what they want: balanced markets that deliver innovation, sustainability and value and that improve their lives. Euroconsumers’ positions and policy actions empower them to achieve this.


This is reflected in the development of several positions and activities on all kinds of topics: digital, sustainability, energy, cost of living, product safety, mobility, security. Wherever and whatever is affecting consumers, is where Euroconsumers will be.


And whatever the topic, we take the Euroconsumers approach.

  1. This approach is rooted in a belief in innovation and trust. We think a primary objective of a consumer organisation is to make it easy for innovation to improve lives, by bringing real and tangible benefits to as many people as possible.
  2. Consumers also rightfully expect a safe and secure market where they can trust that their rights are protected. We protect and defend people’s consumer rights so they can focus on grasping the opportunities that markets create, and push it to get better and better.

Having a trusted environment allows innovation to flourish and stretch, with consumers safe in the knowledge their interests are protected. Without trust, innovation won’t reach its full potential, without innovation, we’ll all miss out. Our positions and policy strike this vital balance between innovation and trust.