Local Organisations

Euroconsumers lives by the strength of its national organizations based in Europe – Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain – and South America (Brazil), sharing knowledge and working together for the empowerment of individuals and the development of fairer and more efficient markets.

A Global Organisation

Euroconsumers thrives through the collaborative efforts of its national organisations, strategically positioned globally.  

Euroconsumers and BEUC - Our European member organisations are part of the umbrella network of BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation. Together we advocate for EU policies that benefit consumers in their daily lives.


Testachats is a consumer protection organisation that has been active in Belgium for 60 years. The interests of consumers are at the heart of our business.

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Set up in 1973, Altroconsumo is the most influential and important consumers organisation in Italy. Our strength comes from the membership fees of over 318,000 members.

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OCU is a private, independent and non-profit consumer organization subject to the requirements established in the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws (LGDCU).

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DECO PROTESTE is a private, independent and non-profit consumer organization that defends the rights and legitimate interests of consumers, helping them to solve problems and exercise their basic rights.

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PROTESTE was established in Brazil in 2001 and is the largest consumers association in Latin America, with more than 160 thousand associates.

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