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Feliz Dia da Mulher! Celebrating the consumer power of women across Brazil

Euroconsumers’ Brazilian member Proteste marks International Women’s Day with a celebration of the consumer power of women in Brazil.

Two very significant international days happen in March each year.  International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March, closely followed by World Consumer Rights Day on the 15th March.

Euroconsumers’ Brazilian member Proteste is marking both International Women’s Day 2023 and World Consumer Rights Day with a major campaign with SENACON, the country’s national consumer agency, linking up the critical role that women play in consumer markets.


She decides, ela decide

The ‘We are all consumers’ or ‘Somos Todas Consumidoras’ campaign with SENACON celebrates the contribution that women make to society and the economy as consumers.

Women are now in the majority in Brazil (BIGS), and according to global consumer intelligence women are responsible for 85% of purchasing decisions worldwide. Women are responsible for critical decisions that steer not just the Brazilian, but all consumer markets.

In Brazil for example women lead decisions on the following purchases:
  • 80% of groceries
  • 70% of purchases related to soccer
  • 58% of cars
  • 61% of electronics
  • 94% of real estate

Real women making real decisions

However, women are often portrayed in a narrow way in the media and advertising, using tired cliches of housewives interested only in cleaning products, or glamourous supermodel types attracted by luxury goods.

The Sonos Todas Consumidoras campaign optics and language is careful not to repeat these damaging stereotypes and instead portrays a more accurate vision of women of all ages, shapes and sexualities responsible for economic decisions and the majority of consumer spending.

The campaign set out its manifesto, a vision for what a female-centered consumer market can bring:


We have many roles: daughters, sisters, professionals, girlfriends, wives, mothers. There is one role that touches all of these and that we all have in common.


We have varied looks and life styles. Our interests, desires and aspirations move the economy and make a decisive contribution to the development of our countries. 

We want to have our rights respected and be seen as we are: diverse, intelligent, independent and decision-makers. A market that respects female consumers proves its maturity and efficiency.

With support from Proteste, the Brazilian Consumer Authority, SENACON makes sure that the rights of all Brazilian consumers are known and respected.

Happy Women’s Day! Feliz dia da Mulher!

The launch of the vision will be followed up with information on apps to find the best prices for goods like Proteste’s and advice on consumer rights and how to report problems via the website.

There will also be awareness raising on things like the ‘pink tax’ which prices female-branded goods like razors much higher than an identical male equivalent.

Wherever you are in the world, Happy Women’s Day! Feliz dia da Mulher!

Look out for more activity on World Consumer Rights Day next week 15 March 2023.