Collaboration and Campaigns

First we dialogue,
then we collaborate,
in the end we drive solutions

Euroconsumers believes in the power of dialogue and collaboration.

Not just with other consumer groups or regulators but with responsible market players who share our conviction that cooperation is vital in providing sustainable solutions to consumer and market challenges.


We’ll do whatever it takes to deliver tangible value to consumers. This  means rejecting the familiar narrative of consumer vs business interests. We think this is outdated and not particularly helpful – businesses and consumers need each other and finding middle ground of mutual respect and productive collaboration will get results more quickly than cementing in opposition. We each have our role, but together we have the potential to achieve more.

Euroconsumers collaboration and dialogue takes different forms:

From joint educational campaigns to empower consumers, scientific research, priority channels to handle consumer concerns and complaints, or the co-creation of actual consumer products and services.


Let’s be clear – this does not affect our core values of independence and consumer representation. It has not and will never replace our enforcement and policy campaigning. And it certainly doesn’t mean that when we work together we agree on everything – in fact, we very often and very respectfully don’t.


But by sitting down together, starting a dialogue, and trying to understand each other, common ground can be found. Every match we can make, even small, is a step forward to finding tangible solutions and taking the lead together to the benefit of consumers