Collaboration & Campaign

New partnership with Google

Euroconsumers engaged in a new strategic partnership with Google aimed at further empowering consumers on the Internet. Building on previous positive collaborations experimented at national level such renewed partnership will be based on three steps:

  • The first one is a survey to investigate the behaviors and the concerns of the consumers related to three critical areas: Digital Wellbeing, Privacy & Data Sharing and Family Safety with special focus on children. The survey is based on a quantitative statistic research that has been submitted to a representative sample of people in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK. Our statistical experts built the base questionnaire that in following steps has been adapted discussing with Google and Ipsos which is in charge to carry out the survey on the field and to provide the report by the end of the year;
  • The second step foresees the publication of the results of the survey in the Euroconsumers websites and possibly also in the Euroconsumers magazines in early 2020. In the publication we will describe the consumers behaviors to put in evidence the risks of an Internet misuse and to empower consumers on the three areas investigated. We will also collect their concerns, to identify which aspect consumers feel as more critical and on which they claim more support from our side;
  • The third step will be co-branded communication campaigns that will be focused on consumer empowerment in wellbeing using technologies, to protect their privacy on Internet and educate their children using the web. The co-branded campaigns will be launched in 2020 in the 4 European countries in which Euroconsumers organizations operate (Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain) and will be also an opportunity to enhance the awareness of our organization to a larger audience.

The announcement of our collaboration with Google will be made early in November at Web Summit, Lisbon and further discussed at the Euroconsumers Forum in Brussels on 12 November 2019.