Surveys and Studies

First we study, then we inform, in the end people drive the change

At Euroconsumers, our work starts from science

Product testing and consumer insight surveys is in our DNA. It gives us the evidence we need to improve the market and empower consumers. Our testing regimes have now expanded into new products and markets, with specialists in consumer IoT, apps, chemicals and sustainability assessing products for security, safety and green credentials.  Our test results are the science that backs up trusted consumer-facing labels like ‘best buy’ and ‘best of the test’ and ‘green choice’ which arm consumers with advice to inform their buying decisions.

We also publicize the testing results that reveal systemic manufacturing or service problems and push for changes to regulation, standards or enforcement to fix them.


You’ll find the same scientific approach in the numerous surveys we carry out. Representing the consumer voice drives our organization, so we keep our finger on the pulse of consumers perspectives, opinions and concerns.

This invaluable data flow is the basis for building the most effective solutions. A mix of longitudinal surveys and bespoke one-off studies build the knowledge that can make the case for most effective regulation. For market players, our deep dives into consumers’ expectations give us first-hand evidence of what consumer-proof innovation looks like from their point of view.

✔️When consumers can target their spending at quality, safe and sustainable goods, markets will improve.

✔️Rewarding companies that perform well in objective quality assessments, and calling out those that flood markets with fake claims and second-rate goods will incentivise manufacturers to do better