First we take a stand,
then we intervene,
in the end we make sure the law delivers for consumers

Without proper enforcement, consumer law is not worth the paper it is written on.

When consumers’ rights are violated, Euroconsumers takes the stand. We intervene when there are clear and unacceptable violations of consumers’ rights, and where the companies involved are not willing to act responsibly.

We are leaders in the enforcement of consumer rights through the courts, taking the law and making sure it delivers for consumers.

  1. In a single market like the EU where company infringements often cross borders, we have pioneered co-ordinated class actions in Belgium, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Euroconsumers is the first and only consumer organization to do this and we are proud to take on multinationals and demand consumers get the same compensation and redress, regardless of where they live.
  2. We show companies that with strong consumer organizations on their side, consumers are a force to be reckoned with. The power of consumers joined together through the Euroconsumers network gives us a mandate to fight for full compensation for harms suffered, raising expectations of consumers and pushing market practices to change for the better.

EU Representative Actions Directive

Euroconsumers are grasping the momentum created by the new EU Representative Actions Directive to embed and grow on our early successes in co-ordinated, cross-border class actions.

We have already established a unique, centralized online platform that pulls in data from our national members to help pinpoint where private, collective actions can have the most impact. We will build up our network of legal experts with a presence in each of our member countries, a dedicated hub of lawyers committed to consumer justice.