PS5 controllers out of control!

Marketed as “forward-looking,” the latest version of the Playstation console, the new PS5 arrived on the market in November 2020 promising high-level graphics, lightning-fast load times and intense gaming pleasure.

A whole generation of gamers have been eagerly awaiting the new console amid the corona pandemic and, although a limited number have been released, the controllers of the PS5 console already seem to suffer unfortunately from the well-known problem of “drift”, where the characters on the screen do not move as the player wants them to. Euroconsumers
and its Belgian national associated organization Test Aankoop/Test Achats called Sony to
intervene urgently, inviting the company with a formal letter to:

1. fully respect provisions on product guarantee, avoiding to charge consumers with additional costs to repair their PS5 controllers;

2. compensate the affected consumers for the damages they suffered;

3. stop offering defective PS5 controllers on the market and ensure a more sustainable version to consumers.

We are available and ready to start a dialogue with Sony to establish the best way to satisfy the above requests. However, in the absence of an adequate answer before 25th March, we will not hesitate to explore further legal action.