DECO PROTESTE is a private, independent and non-profit consumer organization that defends the rights and legitimate interests of consumers, helping them to solve problems and exercise their basic rights.

Independence, Credibility and Proximity are the values of our organization. Consumer representation is one of the rights established in law. Our work in consumer protection has taken on a complexity and such extension, which leads us to represent them in the public administration and at other national and international official entities. It is the most important consumer organization in Portugal with more than 315,000 members. Every day, arrive in the market new products and services increasingly sophisticated, with multiple functions at different prices, represented by numerous brands, which use bold promotion and selling technics. The consumer needs, increasingly, detailed information for the right choice that meets it real needs, within it actual financial possibilities. A substantial part of our action is based on the demand for the adoption or amendment of legislation, necessary for the most effective defense and protection of consumers’ interests, as well as their compliance and control.

DECO PROTESTE represents consumers in different public entities as the Medicines Agency, Regulatory Entity for Energy Sector, Regulatory Entity for Telecommunications, among others. At international level in addition to Euroconsumers, DECO PROTESTE is part of the main international consumer organizations such as the European Consumer Organization (BEUC), the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), Consumers International (CI) and International Consumer Research & Testing (ICRT).