Euroconsumers becomes ambassador of the Rome Call for AI Ethics

Euroconsumers is proud to announce that it has been recognized by the Pontifical Academy for Life among the ambassadors of the Rome Call for AI Ethics! So doing, we join Microsoft, IBM, FAO and the Italian Ministry of Innovation to promote and embody an ethical approach to artificial intelligence.

A great opportunity to even more persuasively advocate for an ethical approach to artificial intelligence

The Rome Call for AI Ethics aims to promote a sense of responsibility among organizations, governments, institutions and the private sector to create a future in which digital innovation and technological progress serve humans. In joining this initiative Euroconsumers expresses with pride its commitment to an AI that prioritises  consumer trust, which is crucial if AI is to achieve its full potential. When the Vatican positively welcomed our letter, it provided Euroconsumers with a renewed momentum to push for a consumer-centric AI development in our societies.

Euroconsumers believes in the potential of AI… but only if it upholds consumers’ data

Euroconsumers is a key actor in helping improve consumer trust in AI, setting the standard for consumer and sustainability centred AI in its Approved By Tomorrow manifesto. Consumers must have the confidence to comfortably share data, receive recommendations, and hand over some choices to automation. When this level of confidence is present, AI promises to be a game changing tool in achieving the green transition; bringing increased efficiency, reduced waste, and new ways of producing and consuming.

A shared perspective on the future of artificial intelligence

Euroconsumers is glad to co-represent an initiative that shares its deepest convictions. For consumer trust to be improved, there must be a clear plan to give consumers the digital literacy and tools to both understand, and use, AI. This will in turn establish the trust and confidence that allows AI to reach its potential and help achieve the green and digital transition.

A robust framework is needed to attain consumers’ trust

Euroconsumers looks forward to working within the context of the Rome Call for AI Ethics and placing consumer rights at the heart of the AI debate. There is a need for a robust framework to ensure AI can deliver ambitious sustainability goals, whilst also respecting consumer protection and privacy. These two things, AI success and consumer protection, go hand in hand. AI cannot be successful without consumer trust and confidence. With consumers at the centre, AI can work at its full potential and help deliver a sustainable economy and society.