Euroconsumers 2022 International Forum takes place in Lisbon on 7th December

Euroconsumers International Forum is a special annual occasion where high-level discussions about all major trends in consumption relations take place. This year, the event will be transmitted live from Lisbon.

The Euroconsumers International Forum is well known as a special annual occasion for high-level discussions about all major trends in consumption relations.

Its main theme in 2022 is the progressive backlash of some of the key globalization processes and features. It is clear now that pandemics and the Ukraine war have accelerated some “de-globalizing trends” already existent in the last two decades.

The Euroconsumers Forum will analyze how global value chains are being reconfigured, the main impacts on the market and consumers. The Forum will discuss issues such as:

  • Product safety in Europe and beyond
  • European Class Actions and the future of consumers rights
  • Scams and fraud in a digitalised world
  • A debate on: ‘Will the Post-Covid Economy be marked by growing de-globalization? How will consumers and consumer organizations be affected?’

The event will be on air at 9:00 GMT / 10:00 CET. You can find a full agenda and details of how to connect at: Euroconsumers International Forum 2022
Dozens of high-level professionals – including European and Brazilian policymakers, regulators, corporate executives from global companies and international organizations, as well as important names of the best academia – will gather in Lisbon to reflect on the challenges and look for realistic solutions.