Euroconsumers inaugurated the first BeXt Award at its International Forum

Euroconsumers inaugurated the BeXt Awards at its First International Forum, held on the 12th of November, at The Claridge in Brussels.

With the International Forum, Euroconsumers has launched one more initiative aimed at placing consumers and their data at the centre of the market, recognising their economic value and expanding the focus on their rights and protection to include rights management.

It comes as a natural evolution for a cluster of organisations that have tested products for decades and also attributed labels to the best and better value-for-money products.

The new Euroconsumers BeXt Awards play an important role in this dialogue, recognising the brands that have made significant contributions to improving the global marketplace. The winners were selected following a rigorous procedure based on Euroconsumers’ comparative reviews (eXpertise) and consumer feedback (eXperience) to identify the brands achieving the highest standards. In the past two years, Euroconsumers analysed the reviews of some 2,000 products, together with the related consumer feedback (over 90,000 experiences), to identify the brands with outstanding performance in meeting consumer expectations in 5 categories, each with its own award:

●       Euroconsumers BeXt Award for Quality in Large Household Appliances   (washing machines and tumble dryers this year) Winner: Miele

●       Euroconsumers BeXt Award for Quality in Hi-Tech (smartphones and tablets for 2019) Winner: Apple

●       Euroconsumers BeXt Award for Eco-Friendly Large Household Appliances (electricity and water consumption of washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and cold appliances this year) Winner: Bosch

●       Euroconsumers BeXt Award for Reliability in Large Household Appliances (washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and cold appliances for 2019). Winner: Miele, Siemens (tied)

●       Euroconsumers BeXt Award for Value for Money in Hi Tech (mobile phones and tabletsthis year) Winner: Samsung