Start Talking: the monthly webinar that opens up consumer conversations

Start Talking is the monthly webinar hosted by Euroconsumers on the cutting edge issues that matter to consumers and markets like ChatGPT, cryptocurrencies and anonymity online.

It began in February 2022 as an opportunity to have a frank and open dialogue with a diverse set of stakeholders.

Start Talking doesn’t reflect Euroconsumers’ point of view. That’s not the aim of the series. Its aim is to create a safe space to challenge the status-quo, test established beliefs and drive forward new ideas and relationships.

No issue is off the table – we have tackled systemic economic challenges such as rising inflation, long standing consumer justice questions around cross border enforcement, digital experiences of the future like the metaverse and the growth of new interactions like influencer sales and marketing. Euroconsumers has brought together people from opposite sides on crunch issues like network access fees and digital currency regulation.

  • So far we have hosted conversations with relevant stakeholders, from the crypto start ups and child safety NGOs to big global platforms like TikTok and Meta.  
  • We’ve heard from policy decision-makers at the European Commission and rule makers in national governments about how they can govern and regulate in a time of rapid change. 
  • Researchers from world-class universities, global think-tanks and international NGOs have shared data and insights on things like child safety, disinformation and net neutrality. 
  • And we’ve had first-hand input from startups, augmented reality pioneers and influencer marketers to share their viewpoint on what’s happening on the ground.

This monthly dialogue hears all points of view and explores both opportunities and challenges with an open mind.

Participants from Meta, TikTok, European Commission, Consumers Korea, Telefonica, Google, Tony Blair Global Institute, Roblox, Family Online Safety Institute, Microsoft, Ipsos Global, Fortress Investments and YouTube have all joined the conversation alongside international experts in litigation, online payments, augmented reality, privacy and consumer futures such as Natasha de Teran, Christine Riefa, Louis Rosenberg, Oreste Pollicino and Carlo Alberto Maffe Carnevale. The webinars are moderated by Liz Coll, founder of Connected Consumers.

You can watch Start Talking live on Euroconsumers social channels, post questions and join the conversation.