Dieselgate 6 years anniversary: time to compensate all European consumers

The six-year anniversary of the Dieselgate scandal is coming up. This fraud has impacted ​consumers’ rights, ​public health​ and the ​environment​ across the EU and beyond. However, the majority of European Dieselgate victims affected have, to this day, not received compensation. Read more here.

Euroconsumers becomes ambassador of the Rome Call for AI ethics

Euroconsumers is proud to announce that it has joined the Rome Call for AI ethics as an ambassador. So doing, it joins the Pontifical Academy for Life, Microsoft, IBM, FAO and the Italian Ministry of Innovation to promote and embody an ethical approach to artificial intelligence. Read the full article here.

Apple Class Actions

Euroconsumers has filed four class-action lawsuits against Apple Inc. over the planned obsolescence of Apple iPhones.

The lawsuits cover owners of iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus and alleges Apple engaged in unfair and misleading commercial practices. The lawsuits ask for compensation of at least 60 euro on average for each affected consumer in Belgium, Spain and Italy and Portugal. Read more here.

Helping consumers make the healthy and sustainable food choice the easiest one

As the European Parliament is set to adopt its position on the EU Farm to Fork Strategy on 9th September, we have interviewed food expert Camille Perrin from the European umbrella organisation BEUC to take stock of what this EU plan has in store for consumers. How can we change the way we make, transform and buy food so our eating habits are healthier and more sustainable? Read the full article here.

Hackable home project: Euroconsumers unveils worrying results for smart device owners

Euroconsumers partnered with ethical hackers to test the security and reliability of connected smart home devices across four EU countries. From alarm systems and door locks, to robot vacuum cleaners and sex toys, we found an alarming lack of security in the devices we let into our homes. Read more about our findings here.

Call for papers - My Data is Mine Award

Euroconsumers is delighted to announce the second edition of its My Data is Mine Award. It aims at supporting young scholars who can offer a visionary contribution to data privacy in Europe and worldwide. The winner of the call for papers will be announced at the 2021 Web Summit. Read the full article here.


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