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Who do you trust? The results from our citizens trust survey

Our last citizens’ trust survey was in 2016, and the world has changed a lot in those five years. How do European citizens now feel about national institutions, EU institutions, and international corporations? Read the full article here.

Euroconsumers’ 2021 Bext Awards: Recognising excellence in consumer brands

The third iteration of the annual awards for the brands that have contributed to improving the global consumer marketplace took place online on the 30th September. There were also three panels discussing a range of consumer market topics. Participation was open to everyone. Read the full article here.

Hackable home project: Euroconsumers unveils worrying results for smart device owners

Euroconsumers partnered with ethical hackers to test the security and reliability of connected smart home devices across four EU countries. From alarm systems and door locks, to robot vacuum cleaners and sex toys, we found an alarming lack of security in the devices we let into our homes. Read more about our findings here.


Gathering five national consumer organisations and giving voice to a total of more than 1.5 million people, Euroconsumers is the world’s leading consumer cluster in terms of innovative information, personalized services and defense of consumer’s rights. Our organisations work closely together and with BEUC, The European Consumer Organisation, and Consumers International to ensure consumers are safe, that markets are fair and benefit from honest relations with businesses and authorities.


Our tests of products and services and market dossiers, as well as qualified positioning statements and advocacy are widely respected by the different market players and regulators alike, also serving as models for consumers organizations worldwide.