Euroconsumers’ 2nd survey on vaccination: citizens expect free of charge tests for the EU Digital Green Certificate

Euroconsumers has published the results of the second wave of its survey on attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccination in Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Discover the results here.

Euroconsumers calls for travel restrictions to be non-discriminatory, coordinated and proportionate

Euroconsumers calls on the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States to strive for the full effectiveness of the Certificate by ensuring truly non-discriminatory conditions and guaranteeing all Member States make good and correct use of it. Read more here.

Apple Class Actions

Euroconsumers has filed four class-action lawsuits against Apple Inc. over the planned obsolescence of Apple iPhones.

The lawsuits cover owners of iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus and alleges Apple engaged in unfair and misleading commercial practices. The lawsuits ask for compensation of at least 60 euro on average for each affected consumer in Belgium, Spain and Italy and Portugal. Read more here

Digital Responsibility Webinar

Euroconsumers has organised a webinar to celebrate its "Improving the Ecosystem: A Digital Responsibility report".

Join us on March 9th to discuss Digital Well-being, Privacy and Safety with EU Commissioner Didier Reynders, Kate Charlet from Google and our own Els Bruggeman. The panel will be moderated by Alberto Alemanno, the Founder of The Good Lobby. Read more here.

Euroconsumers' International Forum 2020 - 19 November 2020

Thank you to all who participated in the Euroconsumers International Forum 2020 on 19 November. It was a successful event, with many conversations providing insight and clarity on many of the policy and regulatory challenges we face as consumers and - consumer organisations - today. 

If you were unable to participate or if you would like to catch up  on some of the debates once more, please visit our website where you can access the videos here

We look forward to seeing you next year for more consumer policy events!


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