How can the Digital Green Certificate be a fair and effective tool for citizens to regain their right to travel in Europe?

A conversation between Juan Fernando López Aguilar MEP, consumer organisations, and civil society. Learn more about the event here.

MEPs heard consumers when asking for free of charge tests to travel.

After intense campaigning for equal and non-discriminatory access to the Digital Green Certificate (EU COVID Certificate), Euroconsumers is pleased to see that the European Parliament has chosen to represent consumers’ concerns: they have asked for the inclusion of free of charge tests in the European Commission’s proposal and called on Member States to avoid adding requirements such as quarantine on top of the Certificate. Read the article here.

Printergate: HP must compensate printer owners for unlawfully practices

Euroconsumers and its members are asking HP Inc. to pay damages to consumers in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil for the failed compatibility of its printers with third-party cartridges. Euroconsumers is also asking HP to immediately stop this misleading, detrimental and anticompetitive practice. Read the article here.

What is it like to drive an electric car across Europe? We have tested it for you

From December 2020 to January 2021 Euroconsumers’ member organisations started a long journey across their country roads driving electric cars. This project, funded by the European Climate foundation, aimed at showing the benefits of driving electric cars and identifying the possible obstacles to their uptake. Read the article here.

Euroconsumers’ 2nd survey on vaccination: citizens expect free of charge tests for the EU Digital Green Certificate

Euroconsumers has published the results of the second wave of its survey on attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccination in Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Discover the results here.

Euroconsumers calls for travel restrictions to be non-discriminatory, coordinated and proportionate

Euroconsumers calls on the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States to strive for the full effectiveness of the Certificate by ensuring truly non-discriminatory conditions and guaranteeing all Member States make good and correct use of it. Read more here.


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