The 5th edition of the Euroconsumers International Forum sets the stage for our new slogan– Empower People | Improve the Market – as we dive deep into the challenges of the global economy and its impacts on consumers worldwide. 


An international consumer Forum for complex times

The challenges faced in recent years have introduced added complexity trials to an already intricate consumption market. 

The consequences of the coronavirus epidemic, the disruption of global value chains, the return of stubborn, high inflation, the war on Ukraine, and the fast and so far uncontrolled advancements of Artificial Intelligence, are all critical new factors that must be understood and addressed by a consumer organisation like ours. This complex scenario sets the framework and background for discussions at the Forum this year. 

Euroconsumers 2023 International Forum will take place in one of the richest historical venues of humanity, the Città della Parola or City of the World that is Rome. Rome was the birthplace of a system of law that has influenced most of the Western Hemisphere. Rome is where the principles of the Greek rhetoric and oratory were transformed into instruments of politics and power, law and bureaucracy, domain and liberty strategies, giving birth to some of the most daring societal experiences ever put in place.

In the inspiring setting of the Palazzo Valentini (Aula Consiliare “Giorgio Fregosi” – Via IV Novembre 119/a – 000187 ROMA) our keynote speakers and corporate partners will shed light on the most relevant topics in technology, politics, economics, and social-urban design. We will take this inspiration and insight to help us refine our strategies and forge a better way to empower people fulfilling our ever-evolving and challenging mission. 

We have an impressive lineup of speakers, including Alec Ross, Carlo Ratti, Metropolitan Mayor of Rome Carlo Ratti, and many others.


A Manifesto for change


As we encounter new societal and economic shifts marked by the interaction between human beings and other forms of intelligence, we want to reaffirm our belief that consumers – who are first and foremost citizens – must be at the centre of any market. They should be empowered by the new technologies and production arrangements. Hence, we will be unveiling the Euroconsumers Manifesto. The Manifesto summarises  our current vision of why we need to Empower Consumers, Improve the Market and ten principles that will inspire our day-to-day efforts in the months and years ahead to achieve this  

We will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of Altroconsumo, our Italian member organisation, as they embark on their journey towards even greater achievements.