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How to master the internet and stay safe from scams

Scams and frauds are on the rise in the digital world. Younger, connected consumers who use the internet to shop, socialise and work online are at risk of being targeted.

Young people are immersed in tech, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are wise all of the time to all of the tricks used to part them with their cash. So, Meta and Euroconsumers have joined up in a new video campaign giving tips and advice to help them stay safe from some pitfalls and even fraudsters. This campaign complements the task and efforts of platforms, legislators and enforcement authorities of ensuring a safe digital environment.

2022 is the European Year of Youth. We aim for young people online to be safe and savvy so they can enjoy all the creativity and opportunities the internet offers without fear.

The five key topics covered are: influencers, cryptocurrency, dating, games and apps and online shopping. Read on to learn more.....

1 Choose your influencers with care

The influence economy is made up of creative and inspiring individuals gathering followers and making a living from promoting products or even developing their own. But some may not be all they seem. They may fake their online life, buy up followers and likes, promote poor quality products or even scams.


2 Cryptocurrencies: all that glitters is not gold 

The fluctuating cryptocurrency market should be approached with care. Its champions promise great riches, but the landscape is often crowded with opportunistic hackers, phishers and scammers looking to cash in on people’s dreams.


3 Dating online: think twice before getting personal

Connecting with people online and offline can be fun, but sometimes risky. People are not always who they say they are and may have ulterior motives.

dating online

4 Keep your eyes open when gaming online

Enjoy gaming and connecting with other players safely and be careful of revealing too much about your identity.


5 Shop with security and confidence online

Online shopping means the world is your shopping mall. From second hand to niche products, the opportunities to buy and sell are endless. Buy carefully to avoid unsafe sites and the risk of losing your financial information.

shopping online

Follow these tips to help you stay safe from scams and fraud on the internet.


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