Positioning & Advocacy

“Approved by Tomorrow”, powered by Euroconsumers 

Climate change is no longer merely a buzz word uttered only by scientists. Today, 93% of Europeans believe climate change is a serious problem. 60% even believe it is one of the most serious problems facing the world today. Given that climate change is a reality, a green and fair transition has become an absolute necessity. What is more, it is also what consumers want. While they may not always be aware of the best ways by which they can achieve a more sustainable way of living, it is clear that many consumers do not want to just sit and watch; they want to step in. Consumers want to be on board, and they need to be on board. Because that is the only way a green transition can ever be fully successful. Therefore, there is only one place for consumers in all debates surrounding the issue of sustainability, and that is right at the center of it. That is exactly where consumers need to be and that is also where Euroconsumers intends to be.

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