‘Approved by Tomorrow’: Webinar summary

On 27 March, Euroconsumers organised a webinar to present “Approved by Tomorrow”, the new sustainability seal for the green transition. At the event, Euroconsumers gathered representatives from all of its member organisations (Altroconsumo, Test Achats/Test Aankoop, DecoProteste, OCU and PROTESTE) to discuss the actions relating to sustainability at both the national and international level. Furthermore, Euroconsumers was joined by two special guests, who brought their respective visions on the green transition that lies ahead: MEP Petra de Sutter, Chair of the IMCO Committee at the European Parliament and Marina Migliorato, Head of Sustainability and Stakeholders Engagement at Enel.

Els Bruggeman, Domain Head Policy and Enforcement at Euroconsumers began the webinar by introducing “Approved by Tomorrow”, Euroconsumers’ guiding principle for the green transition. The concept revolves around the idea that consumers are best positioned to guide markets towards a greener path. As such “Approved by Tomorrow”, will be a consumer-centred approach to sustainability. More concretely, Euroconsumers will make sure that all of its future actions (i.e. information campaigns, legal actions and partnerships) are aligned with a sustainability ideal that works for consumers.

This webinar was not only the chance for national organisations to present their national activities and sustainability actions but also for various EU stakeholders and policy makers to sit down and think about the future. Petra de Sutter (Chair of the IMCO Committee at the European Parliament) shared recent initiatives brought about by the EU institutions as it relates to environmentalism: the EU Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan.

One main opinion was shared by all the stakeholders : achieving a  circular economy will be crucial for the success of the green transition. Moreover, economic circularity can only be attained with the collaboration of consumers. As such, consumers will be at the heart of the transition. Marina Migliorato (Head of Sustainability and Stakeholders Engagement at Enel) noted that without a real synergy with the consumer movement, there will be no sustainable future.

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