Day 2: Fair Digital Finance Forum

Spain – 15 March 2022 – On day two of the Fair Digital Finance Forum (a week of events to mark World Consumer Rights Day) Euroconsumers’ Spanish member OCU is highlighting its fight for fair and inclusive financial services for vulnerable consumers. Throughout the day OCU will be holding events in major Spanish cities including workshops and presentations. You can find more information here, and watch the main event in Madrid on OCU’s livestream, beginning at 12:00 CET.

You can also read more here on how OCU is campaigning for fair and inclusive finance for older consumers.

You can follow OCU’s activities throughout the day on Twitter.

OCU has found many vulnerable people are locked out from financial services in the digital age. For example, older Spanish consumers are particularly vulnerable to exclusion from financial services and products. Changes to online banking have negatively impacted elderly Spaniards in rural areas, who were used to visiting a physical bank. However, alternatives like mobile units that can visit rural communities can be of great assistance to these vulnerable consumers. Day two of the Fair Digital Finance Forum will be about exploring these challenges, and solutions.
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