Day 4: Fair Digital Finance Forum

Portugal – 17 March 2022 – On day four of the Fair Digital Finance Forum (a week of events to mark World Consumer Rights Day) Euroconsumers’ Portuguese member Deco Proteste is discussing the consumer opportunities and pitfalls of crypto currencies.

Today Deco Proteste will be promoting its work on crypto currencies by announcing a webinar, co-branded with Euroconsumers, as part of Euroconsumers’ Start Talking webinar series – which will take place on the 23rd of March at 15:00 CET. You will be able to watch the livestream of the webinar on our Youtube channel. As part of this webinar Deco Proteste and Euroconsumers will be asking consumers to send in their questions on all things crypto. Stay tuned to our social media channels!

Crypto currencies offer unique opportunities as well as huge challenges: investment opportunities vs fraud risk and volatility; disintermediation vs lack of accountability; security vs energy expenditure; innovation vs regulation. Deco Proteste will try to convey all these nuances to consumers, so they can know better the risks and opportunities of this frontier of digital finance.

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