Euroconsumers’ 2021 International Forum Kicks off on the 2nd December

The Forum will bring together high-level EU decision-makers, business leaders, academics, and more, to discuss the burning issues affecting consumers today, and that will shape our tomorrows, such as Artificial Intelligence, sustainability, innovation, and more.

The Euroconsumers Forum will host visionary discussions between political, business and civil society leaders on co-creating solutions to the main trends and challenges in digital, sustainability and consumption. It will take place online on 2nd December from 14:00 to 18:30 CET under the high level patronage of both the European Commission and the Latin American Parlamento do Mercosul (Mercosur Parliament).

Immense changes have affected consumers in the last year, with the pandemic which led to increased digitalisation, to the strains on the global supply system as the post-covid economy roars back to life leading to rising energy prices. On top of this, there has been renewed focus on climate change due to severe weather events, and the pandemic has made us reflect on the future of work and our cities. As we rebuild our economy, the power of dialogue between policy makers, academics, and business leaders – of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as global corporations – will be crucial to making a better, sustainable world of digital responsibility.

Speakers will include leading EU policy makers, such as Commissioner for Justice and Consumers Didier Reynders, former EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy, and former President of the European Commission Romano Prodi. Next to discussions on some of the main trends and challenges in consumption relations, there will also be an opportunity to hear about the new and current joint initiatives from Euroconsumers and key market players. Katrina Sichel, the well-known Brussels based moderator and communication specialist, will be the anchorwoman of the event for the European channels.

This year’s event will be a model of the technical innovation that Euroconsumers aims to foster. The Forum will take place online, in Brazil and in Europe, with both broadcasting simultaneously. Such scale will allow us to capture and convey the breadth of consumer experiences, and ideas for the future.

The Forum will discuss such issues as:

  • Responsible and sustainable innovation in the post-covid economy. What is the role of consumer organisations?
  • Matching green and digital for consumers and SMEs
  • New strategic joint projects between Euroconsumers and relevant market players
  • The transition to a rescaled energy label
  • AI smart cities and the future of urban life in Europe
  • A unique movement for a truly pet-friendly market
  • The future of class actions in Europe in light of the implementation of the EU Representative Actions Directive
  • Trends, traps, and triggers in the relaunch of the economy in a post-covid era.

The Forum embodies the Euroconsumers vision of a shift from consumers being viewed as weak subjects needing protection, to consumers driving development and their future in the great time of change we live through. International consumer organisations should move beyond the idea of entrepreneurial freedom and consumer rights locked in opposition, to consumer rights and consumerism being an engine of innovation, business, and trade as we undergo the green and digital transitions.

The detailed programme is available here.

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