Euroconsumers at the web summit 2019

For the second consecutive year, Euroconsumers will be present at the Web Summit which will take place in Lisbon, from November 4 to 7. While last year our presence was rather discreet and more based on our work on national levels – although with important discussions and special dialogues with some global companies – this time the objective is multiple and strategic.

First of all, it will be the first presentation of our new logo, also representing a different approach and positioning which includes new forms of creating value to consumers, such as by means of strategic cooperation with global market players. Secondly, we are going to promote the very first edition of our Euroconsumers BeXt Award, recognizing the most efficient and consumers-friendly brands in several categories.

Last, but far from least, our participation will announce our new partnership with Google which includes a joint survey on digital behavior, the realization of the first Euroconsumers Forum (to be focused on Digital Platforms and also supported by other organizations such as Amazon) and a co-branded campaign to be develop during 2020.

In order to make it public, two special sessions will be held at Google`s booth, on November 5th (at 2PM) and 6th (at11:30 AM) when we will focus on only one aspect of the joint survey/work. Titled Google and Euroconsumers: Digital Wellbeing and Working Smarter in a Connected World, those sessions will have the participation of Google and Euroconsumers high executives plus a specialist (Aidan Healy), exploiting some facets of this very important contemporary issue and opening the dialogue with the audience for more impressions and plural views. Complementing this high profile action, a short survey will be implemented at the Euroconsumers’ booth taking fresh inputs from the participants concerning digital wellbeing.

We see you at the Web Summit!