Start talking webinar: from age verification to copyright infringement, to preserve or not to preserve anonymity?

The webinar was streamed on Euroconsumers’ Youtube channel on February 3rd 2022. You can rewatch it here.

In response to mounting pressure from consumer organizations, activists, parents and regulators, there’s an ongoing discussion on placing main internet services behind stricter digital checks. Should websites force users to prove who they are? The struggle is, as usual, between keeping people safe and compromising user privacy, reducing free expression and hurting communities that benefit from anonymity online? Euroconsumers explored these issues in our Start Talking webinar “from verification age to copyright infringement: to preserve or not to preserve anonymity?”


  • Marco Pancini, Director of Public Policy at YouTube
  • Theo Bertram, Vice President, Government Relations and Public Policy for Europe at TikTok
  • Stefano Quintarelli (cyberexpert – Chairman of the Advisory group on advanced technologies – UN/CEFACT)
  • Max Beverton-Palmer, Director of Internet Policy Unit, Tony Blair Global Institute
  • Marie-Paule Benassi, Head of the Unit Enforcement of consumer law and redress in DG JUST
  • Marisa Jimenez, Director and Deputy Head of EU Affairs, Meta

Moderated by Consumer Tech Policy Expert Liz Coll.