Start talking webinar: making safety matter across the metaverse

The webinar was livestreamed on Euroconsumers’ LinkedIn Page and Youtube Channel on the 12th May 2022. You can also rewatch it on LinkedIn here and Youtube here.

Euroconsumers hosted an open discussion on the future of safety and the consumer metaverse.  In a decade, our web experience could look very different. The metaverse – a new network of virtual, interactive environments will mean consumers can shop, study, play and socialise via avatars. As the buzz around the metaverse grows louder, Euroconsumers asked how we can keep these new, immersive spaces safe and fair for consumers.

May’s ‘Start Talking’ webinar brought together some of the smartest metaverse minds to discuss:

  • Will established protections like information and moderation still work as environments come to life off the screen?
  • Is it inevitable that the metaverse will “make today’s problems with social media seem quaint” or is there an opportunity to rethink online relationships and spaces?
  • How can people distinguish between friendly avatars and those programmed to direct and manipulate individual consumer interactions?
  • Do we need decentralization and interoperability to ensure fairness and autonomy? How can we make that work in a digital world dominated by large platforms?


  • Louis Rosenberg, CEO & Chief Scientist Unanimous AI
  • Stephen Balkam, CEO & Founder, Family Online Safety Institute
  • Laura Higgins, Director of Community Safety & Civility at Roblox

Moderated by Consumer Tech Policy Expert Liz Coll.