Time for Digital Well-being, Privacy & Safety

Euroconsumers & Google Europe have convened a panel to discuss its recent report on Digital Responsibility with EU Commissioner Didier Reynders.

Webinar Digital Responsibility

Recently we released the report “Improving the Ecosystem: A Digital Responsibility report”, in collaboration with Google Europe.

This report shines a light on the challenges internet users face, enabling us to provide existing solutions and develop new ones to drive positive change. With a particular focus on digital wellbeing, family safety and online privacy, the report aims to address consumers’ concerns by empowering individuals and families with specific knowledge, tools and programs to tackle these challenges. The report is available here.

To celebrate its release, Euroconsumers and Google Europe have organized a panel discussion: Time for Digital Well-being, Privacy and Safety, where we will discuss how the collaboration came to be, what the main takeaways are from the report and how these can be translated into European consumer policies.

Watch the webinar here:




  • Keynote Speaker: Didier Reynders, EU Commissioner for Justice
  • Kate Charlet, Director for Data Governance, Government Affairs and Public Policy at Google
  • Els Bruggeman, Head of Advocacy and Enforcement at Euroconsumers


  • Alberto Alemanno, Founder of The Good Lobby & Professor of EU Law at HEC Paris