Our national Organizations have a high notoriety in their respective countries and are everyday in the news with their brands. Euroconsumers lives by the strength of its national Organizations, is and will remain more discreet but we will make our unitary voice increasingly heard with our global brand in global media when we will consider this useful and appropriate, always in the interests of consumers

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Our spokespersons

Ivo Mechels CEO

Ivo combines the role of CEO of Euroconsumers with his skills of policy and communication, and with the drive and commitment to make society and economy fit for fair, innovative and sustainable consumerism.

Marco Pierani Public Affairs & Media Relation Director

Public Affairs Media Relation Director Marco is a communication and policy expert, a passionate user of the Internet and, above all, he believes in innovation as a lever of social, economic and democratic development.

Els Bruggeman Head Advocacy and Enforcement

Head Advocacy and Enforcement Els is a policy, enforcement and communication expert, a passionate defender of more Europe and a strong believer consumers have the power to shape our economy and society.