No matter how well drafted a consumer law is, it won’t succeed without the right market surveillance and enforcement structure around it. The lack of evidence about consumers’ law infringements together with the lack of continuous cooperation between consumers organizations and CPC authorities is the problem we want to solve with CICLE-X.

The extension of the digital solution developed so far in Italy and Spain but already benefiting also Belgium and Portugal to manage consumers complaints data in such a way to allow ranking by nature of problems and by company performance will be offered to 1 up to 3 additional consumer organizations in 3 other members States, to encourage them to establish a continuous dialogue with their respective enforcement authorities based on the evidence and the analyses of complaints gathered.

We will also complement data coming from consumers complaints with data coming from the assessment of about 500 online marketplaces via ad-hoc web assessment analyses.

Ad-hoc training and coaching activity will accompany the implementation of the digital solution in order to make the beneficiaries take advantage of the lessons learned by others and easily overcome interoperability issues and set up a complaints database box from where to extract useful data to raise alerts and support the CPC work.

A post with a graphic representation of the trends generated by consumers complaints data by nature of problem will be published regularly in the consumers organizations’ websites and will create general awareness about the effective implementation of consumers rights.

A communication addressing the competent authorities of different Member States will feed and support their investigation work and could be the starting point of joint coordinated action. Enforcing EU consumer rights swiftly and effectively contributes to strengthening of the smooth functioning of the single market by ensuring a high level of consumer protection and trust.


  • Project name: Cooperation improving consumers law enforcement extension (CICLE-X)
  • Project number: 101102229
  • Duration: March 2023 – February 2026 (36 months)
  • Euroconsumers partners: OCU | ALTROCONSUMO | TEST-ACHATS / TEST- ANKOOP
  • Coordinator: OCU

This project was funded by the European Union (GA 1011022299)