HORIS – Home Renovation Integrated Services

HORIS digital one-stop shop of integrated home renovation services will support homeowners’ decisions all along the overall building renovation customer journey in Italy, Portugal and Spain. HORIS will not starting from scratch but will further develop an existing platform called “Green Menu”, that was piloted during an EIT Climate – KIC funded project.


HORIS main objective are leveraging citizens’ trust in consumers organizations capability to select home renovation professionals with clear accountability and quality assurance and support consumers via a simplified and digitalized process designed on users’ experience.


The project aims at breaking down long-standing barriers by empowering homeowners all along the home renovation process, so they make the necessary decisions on investments. The main barrier to be tackled is the lack of trust in the actual energy savings, the choice of the professional/SME and the cumbersome of the financing process.


HORIS will offer financial, legal and technical solutions in order to give an overview of the economic incentives for all the actors involved in the home renovation value chain and design the business model for each specific target of household. The project will seek a high degree of replicability and include a clear action plan to communicate experiences and results.


HORIS will act on different fronts to foster a better use of EU and national public funds and mobilize a greater share of private funds engaging multiple small and medium-sized stakeholders, including local and regional public authorities and non-profit organisations.


Building renovation services can generate multiple social, environmental, and economic benefits, making it a unique opportunity for climate neutrality.


• Grant agreement ID: 101120497
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Start date: 01/09/2023 Project End Date: 28/02/2026
Coordinated by DECO PROTESTE



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