EU Election Fever: taking consumers’ temperature

We unveil insights from Euroconsumers' survey on what's stirring the hearts and minds of voters as we gear up for the June 2024 EU elections

Wed | May 15 |



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Wed May 15 2024 15:00:00 GMT+0200





About this Webinar

Politicians are getting skittish about supporting environmental policies that might be unpopular with business or consumers. This year, a redrawing of the familiar centre ground that, among many other things, has driven the ambitious Green Transition package is expected. At the webinar, we will introduce the results of a new Euroconsumers survey. It asks consumers about their European feelings and plans for June 2024, what keeps them up at night and what they expect from the representatives they elect over the next five years.

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Brando Benifei

MEP, Social and Democrats, European Parliament

Alberto Alemanno

Professor of Law, HEC Paris and Founder, The Good Lobby

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Pérignon Isabelle

Director Consumer Policy, DG JUST, European Commission

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Agustín Reyna

Incoming Director General of BEUC - The European Consumer Organisation

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Top questions:


What have the past five years been like for citizens and consumers who’ve lived through several market shocks and shifts since 2019?


Are people voting on EU issues or to send a message to national politicians?


Are consumers’ needs being met in terms of affordability, and accessing fair, quality products and services?


What does should be the new Parliament’s consumer priorities?


Do young consumers see things differently, and will they come out in force or stay home?