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White Paper on How Artificial Intelligence Can Power Europe’s Green and Digital Transition

The use of smart technologies, such as AI will play a significant role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and can be a critical enabler to realise the objectives and aspirations  of the European Green Deal.

However, in order to create consumer-centered AI technologies that serve the green and digital transition, we must create greater trust between consumers and technology companies.

Our Specific recommendations to leverage AI include:

  • AI powering sustainability in key consumer sectors: AI driven tools and complementary technologies can help power the sustainability transition in different industries including household utilities, food, mobility and retail.
  • AI powering sustainability across the digital ecosystem: AI-enabled activities can prioritise what people see in real time. There is potential to ensure these algorithmic decisions match consumer values and could be used to embed sustainability goals in their strategies.
  • Delivering trust by understanding the consumer’s perspective: There is currently a significant lack of trust and satisfaction in the consumer AI experience. Companies developing consumer-facing AI services for the green and digital transition have a perfect opportunity to help people achieve their sustainability goals and demonstrate they can deliver on trustworthy AI at the same time.

Read our press release and white paper on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged by consumers to help accelerate Europe’s sustainability agenda in line with the Approved by Tomorrow initiative.

AI position paper