Jun 15

Euroconsumers Invest

Improving consumer products, financial literacy and sustainability when investing

Today, 15th June, Euroconsumers launched Euroconsumers Invest, a ​new financial cluster that connects businesses with a group of partners based in six different countries. Euroconsumers Invest aims to broaden frontiers with new partnerships to improve consumer products, financial literacy and sustainability when investing. ​Manuel Ribeiro, journalist, interviewed ​Pedro Moreira, the head of operations. The following is an extract of the interview; for the full transcript, please click here:

In your own words, define Euroconsumers Invest?

Pedro Moreira :​ Euroconsumers Invest does not hide its origins and maintains its family name — ​Euroconsumers​ — which is a group that brings together five consumer organizations in Europe and Latin America: Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Brazil.

EC Invest, as it is called in short for social media channels, is Euroconsumers’ Unit specialized in investments. The big news is that it is a Brand strengthened by a network of partnerships and supported by three main axes:

Strong commitment to solutions for companies and corporate bodies

Euroconsumers’ structures have a long experience in solutions for consumers, a Business to Consumer DNA. We want to take this DNA, and know-how, further to companies and other corporate bodies. The current coronavirus pandemic, for instance, is showing that companies will have to act in new fields, giving priority to issues like the sustainability and well-being of their employees and clients. It’s almost common sense, these days. No Manager can ignore this issue in a post-Covid-19 time.

Sharing know-how outside the Group’s countries

Euroconsumers Invest is available to share knowledge and create solutions with any entity. It can operate locally, on a European scale or even worldwide.

Our focus is to bring our approach to the most significant number of consumers because we need to close the gap between investors and their knowledge about a financial product. The lack of financial literacy is a problem across the world. The level of it can vary, but there are problems everywhere. Even in the United States, a country known for its wide aperture to the financial market, reports say that 4 out of 10 people have financial literacy problems. In Europe, the situation varies from country to country, but the average level is, in any case, low.

Taking advantage of our partners’ network

Euroconsumers Invest is specialized in information and consultancy services. This prolific work comes from our invaluable partners. Thoroughly selected from different sectors, it allows us to offer unique advantages to our associates. It also allows us to develop or co-create new services.

Read the full interview learn more about EC Invest here and visit Euroconsumers Invest website here